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Halvah Ice Cream

Halvah Ice Cream 4

One of my favorite treats as a kid was halvah. It’s an ancient candy made of tahini (sesame seed butter) and honey with a flaky, dense texture.  The dessert is pareve–neither meat nor dairy-in terms of Kosher dining. I wanted to ...

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Garbanzo Beet Patties

Garbanzo Beet Patties 1

You’ve just gotta love the color of red beets. Magenta. You might tell me that you don’t like their earthy taste, but you can’t say they aren’t one of the prettiest colored vegetables, right? If you do prepare red beets, check ...

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Green Summer Soup

Green Summer Soup 1

I’m not going to post something red, white, and blue. You will find plenty of that if it’s what you’re after. I wanted to share something that I felt might be helpful to get some soothing food on front of ...

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Cucumber Mint Popsicles

Cucumber Mint Popsicles

I’m really enjoying cucumbers lately. In fresh pressed juices, Cucumber water, cucumber salsa, ummm cucumber infused vodka…  So I’ve taken some of the other flavors that pair so well with cucumber, lime juice and mint, and sweetened it a little bit ...

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Carrot Walnut Snack Bars

Carrot Walnut Snack Bars 1

A little sweet snack. Sometimes we need one. I try to make sure my sweet cravings are met with a food containing some fiber, a healthy sweetener that is not white sugar, fruit and/ or veggies, no or low gluten, ...

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Spring Superfood Salad

Spring Superfood Salad 2

Don’t you love creative salads? I do. Although one of my all-time favorites is a good Greek salad, I always enjoy letting my imagination and healthy cravings turn me on to new ideas. Sometimes it all starts with seasonal produce, ...

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Blueberry Spice Chia Jam

Blueberry Spice Chia Jam3

Berry season is here! It’s time to get creative and use them in any sweet or savory dish you’d like while they are fresh and flavorful. I’ve been wanting to experiment a chia jam for a while now, so I grabbed ...

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Broccoli and Spinach Quinoa Salad


  Sometimes I just want to throw together a quick dinner. A vegetable salad composed of a roundup of my favorite flavors and textures plus some gentle-to-the-system quinoa always appeals to me. You can use this as a basic recipe template ...

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