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Jennifer’s passionate interest in healthy cooking and fitness led to a desire to help clients create inspired whole foods for optimal wellness and to fuel their daily fitness challenges. The field of nutrition science is always evolving; Jennifer researches the scientific information and trends so you receive the current nutrition therapy.

Buckwheat Oat Squares

Buckwheat Oat Squares 3

A strong relationship has been established in the medical literature between gluten sensitivity and hormones. Gluten, a protein compound, is found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and kamut. As a matter of fact, it would be a challenge for you ...

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Root Vegetable Chips


Maybe you still have a bin of colorful root vegetables waiting to be used before the spring produce takes center stage. Although I have nothing against a root vegetable, I’m ready to move them over and start enjoying some eagerly ...

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Moxie Mixes – Sweet and Savory

Savory Snack Mix

Moxie, noun,  1. vigor; verve; pep.  2. courage and aggressiveness; nerve. You’ve got moxie! I created 2 snack mixes to keep you energized but without the crash of unbalanced snack bars or mixes containing candy. I bet you’re like me. ...

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Apple Spinach Plant Leather

plant leather 1

Check this out do-it-yourselfers! I came up with a way to get in both your fruits and your veggies into a fun snack. The kids are going to like this one too because the colors are bright and the form is familiar. ...

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Turmeric Spice Mylk

Turmeric Spice Mylk

When I started planning this post I had no idea how spot on this soul-warming hug-in-a-mug was going to be. For the past few days a significant chunk of the east side of the country has been suffering from ice, ...

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Raw Raspberry Cheesecakes with Cacao Nibs

Raw Raspberry Cheesecake

My daughter asked for my thoughts regarding a nice valentines gift for her to give on this upcoming Valentine’s Day. I told her store-bought gifts are OK but handmade valentines are the ones that are remembered and appreciated forever. Think about it…they ...

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